Born in Cameroon, Imane Ayissi arrived in France in 1990. This lover of fabrics has tailored for himself a strong reputation in the Afro-Caribbean community. In September 2002, he presented his eight collection Vogue Africa in the Daniel Buren Circus in Paris.

Black and chic
Imane Ayissi draws his inspiration from the pre-colonial Black continent to create a global fashion which goes beyond the ethnic label. He works his fabrics in a soft and pure way in order to reveal harmony and magnify the elegance of women, elegance being the key-word of this creator. Chic, distinction and a touch of aristocracy are features of his dresses. Innate respect of women that reveals without undressing and suggests the body rather than shows it, is characteristic of this designer who resorts to some daring to help those he dresses with their seductive power.

A lifestyle
A variety of fabrics ranging from cool cotton to softest silk, via laces, muslin, velvet, tulle, lycra and printed fabrics. Imane Ayissi mixes products, shapes volume and creates movement. Draped, gathered, variety on V necks, slits, see throughs… such are the major tricks of this conjurer: the silhouette becomes alive and fashion becomes freedom.

A range of accessories always specially made for the occasion completes the creations: jewellery made of pearls, turquoise, minerals, feathers, rope and brass… add colour and convey enhancement or mystery. The unveiling of shapes gives the fashion of Imane Ayissi a modicum of provocation. One is seduced by glamour and lured by excitement.

A skirt that can be turned into an evening dress in the twinkling of an eye, a reversable V neck to suit your change of mood, a scarf, on your head for dinner and around your neck for supper… Imane Ayissi creates a chameleon fashion, adjustable according to whims and circumstances for purposeful women.

At the same time high fashion and wearable, this fashion is affordable to those keen on pleasing. The dresses are changeable to suit your mood and the relaxed style is both classical and original. Imane Ayissi means to democratise fashion and embellish.

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Photo B. Fanton